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Google Ads

Do you know what Google Ads is?

Google Ads is a Sponsored Links system, which allows you to define how much you're willing to spend on a daily basis to be visited for the services and products you want to promote. The system is based on the so-called CPC (Cost Per Click). The advertiser pays only when the visiting user clicks on the ad. It is considered the most fair way to advertise.

It is essential that the company that develops the campaign knows how to define normal and long tail keywords. The latter have reasonable conversion potential. Example: «Used Renault Clio».

Choosing keywords and long tail keywords on the one hand and optimization techniques on the other, is key to a successful campaigns. It is an expert's service.

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Some clientes we've implemented Google Ads campaigns for

NutriElegance Tranquilidade Oriflame Portal da Literatura Louresfor
Melvar Centro de Cura PubliAcção Ilidio Conceição Verlag Dashöfer

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