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You've certainly browsed a site that made you feel like you were using an app, right? These are the so-called Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), a software development model that transforms browsers into true app platforms.

A web app is distinguished from a native application by its ability to run on multiple platforms, regardless of the operating system, as it runs on the web through the browser. This eliminates the need to install an application, being accessible through the typical URL, which will save resources and memory on the device. In addition, changes and updates to a web app are easily applied and approved for deployment to the user. The use of browser and web apps is more common on the computer, while native applications are rooted in our smartphones.

What are the advantages?

The benefits are many, but there are a few that deserve to be highlighted.


Starting with the user experience, PWAs are, without a doubt, the most practical and efficient option among all current mobile development technologies. There's no need to download, wait for installations and updates, accept terms of use, or grant hundreds of permissions. Just access a URL to find the service you are looking for.


One of the highlights of Progressive Web Apps is the low requirement in terms of internet connection speed. While loading some resources requires a reasonable connection at certain times, webapps are able to “tolerate” network fluctuations (expected in, for example, mobile connections). In this way, access for users who have some limitation for downloading and updating is expanded.


Sending notifications to users, one of the innovations of PWAs in relation to old web apps and common websites, allows us to boost engagement as a native application, encouraging the user to return to the platform.


The process of developing a native application is generally more expensive and time-consuming, as the software has to be developed in the proprietary language of the operating system for which it is intended. Likewise, it is necessary to go through an approval for it to be available in official stores. The development of PWAs, on the other hand, is less bureaucratic and more open.

Progressive Web Apps em ambiente empresarial

At Fidelizarte, we believe that Progressive Web Apps are a great vehicle for creating tools for your company, whether in the way you handle and provide services to your partners, or as a way to streamline and optimize tasks related to your services or internal processes.

Some companies that have already bet on this service:

Plataforma Turiscar
Plataforma SADORENT

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