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Tapetes de Arraiolos Trevo

Year: 2013
URL: http://www.tapetesarraiolostrevo.com
About: Being at the 21st century, a period dominated by sophisticated technology, arraiolos rugs are considered authentic works of art made by hand which distinguish individuals with fine taste and refined sensibility.
The Portuguese firm named Tapetes Arraiolos Trevo, Lda. has created them as such for 40 years, made up of a team of true experts – designers, embroiderers, etc.) highly specialized in the making of hand-embroidered rugs and tapestries.
Their thousands of customers spread throughout the world attest to this fact, representing an endless list of references. Every customer normally ends up recommending them to family and friends.
This company is prepared to produce works with traditional Portuguese classical designs from the 16th century to the present, or any comtemporary design. Thus, a customer is able to order a rug or tapestry with his favorite design and colors, resulting in an object that is an exclusive, true work of art in his possession.
Along with its highly specialized craftsmanship, this firm also rigorously selects the types of raw materials used in its works, namely pure wool of fine quality, color-fast dyes and long-lasting mesh.
In addition, Tapetes Trevo includes, for exclusive use by its customers, a restoration and cleaning section, capable of restoring any rug – even those sold 30 years ago.

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