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Laranja Metade

An: 2016
URL: http://www.laranjametade.com
À propos de: Laranja Metade is a team of creative professionals, discreet and intimate, connected to the world of Photography, Video and Audiovisual in general. United by the common love for images, we decided to create a new vision and approach in the way of presenting a Wedding through the acquired know-how in areas such as the Fashion Advertising, Editorial, Videoclips and / or TV.

Creating striking, bold and unique images, we have spontaneity and visual aesthetics, deriving the true essence and magic of a MOMENT. We register every wedding as if it were our last.

As we believe that the SUCCESS of a brand or company is in the people, we have, over the years, maintained the same Creative Team (cameramen, photographers and wedding Post-producers / editors) thereby ensuring the provision of a service with the same levels of QUALITY and EXCELLENCE!

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