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About Us

Fidelizarte - Internet Solutions, established in 1996, consists of a young and multidisciplinary team that enjoys the Web and makes ethical and professional standards the core of their work philosophy. Our ultimate prize, the trophy that we like, is based on the fact that we have clients from the outset.

For our company there aren't just Customers, there are Business Partners. For us, thinking about developing websites is not enough, we need to think beyond that: best hosting conditions, one-to-one communication, daily updates via Content Management Systems, integration with Social Networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram; Pinterest, Twitter, among others), databases, e-commerce, best SEO and design practices, ways to retain and win costumers.

Fidelizarte already started its internationalization process throughout all latitudes and longitudes: from Angola to Mozambique, France to the Czech Republic. Our main objective is customer satisfaction, in a first stage, the transformation of our Customers into Partners, on a second phase.

The people behind Fidelizarte

Carlos Porfírio


The company's Managing partner. He says he doesn't have clients, but friends and partners. A life in Marketing and Communication, his next one will be in Communication and Marketing.

Wesley Generoso

Web developer

A fan of Agile methodology and new technologies. Always looking for the most elegant solution to the most complex problem.

Designers Team

Designer, Digital Marketing

Passionate about Design, always have a head full of ideas.

Sérgio Proença

UI Designer, Content Management

Hovers on creativity as the astronauts on Earth's orbit. Framework of the company for many, many years. Enjoys photography and the Web.

Director of photography
Carlos Jorge

Director of Photography

Hunting for still moments, he finds a beautiful frame wherever he looks... There are those who say that it's experience, others guarantee that it's in the DNA. If it's one thing or the other, it matters little, he loves what he does and makes customers happy.

João Gomes


He fell and hit his head on a videocamera once and never stopped using one ever since.



What our clients say about us

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