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Content Managers

With Fidelizarte's Content Manager (BackOffice), you are free to make as many changes and / or updates to your website as you like, when and where you want. As an online platform, you do not need to install any software. You'll be able to change photos, update text, manage your catalogs, etc., in a simple and intuitive way as if you were entering information on your Facebook page. If you prefer, our professionals can do it for you within a maximum of four hours after receiving them. This saves precious time for your company.

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Editor de Texto moderno e intuitivo
Modern and intuitive text editor
Design Responsive
Responsive design
Gestão de páginas e menus
Page and menu management
Importação automática de produtos
Automatic product import
Gestão de catálogos
Catalog management
Estatísticas de vendas e visitas
Sales and visits statistics
Gestão de media
Media management
Galerias de fotografia e vídeo
Photo and video galleries
Gestão de contactos e utilizadores
Contact and user management
Gestão de cupões e vouchers
Coupon and voucher management
Múltiplos idiomas
Multiple languages
Facturação automática
Automatic billing

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