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Responsive Design

Smartphones and tablets are part of our lives. In such a way, that the percentage of accesses to sites made through these mobile devices is superior to those made on desktop computers. Our mission is to offer you the best conditions to communicate with your clients, so that you have the greatest success guaranteed. And this demands a responsive website. Aspects to take into account:

Do not lose customers to competition:

If a user accesses the website and does not find what they are looking for, they probably will not visit again, they will opt for their competition.

Responsive Design optimizes search on search engines:

Responsive websites work better and are easier to update than for example a mobile template.

Speed is key:

According to several studies, the loading time of a page on a mobile device should be less than 2 seconds. This is not possible if the device is loading a desktop website.

Responsive Design is adaptable even for devices that do not yet exist:

One of the advantages of responsive design is that the website template is made based on the size of the screen and not the size of the device. This means that regardless of screen size, the website is always viewed with the optimal resolution.

Fidelizarte develops since 2013 - year that was considered by many the year of "Responsive Web Design" - responsive sites.

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