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Online stores

Do you know what distinguishes a simple idea from a good business idea? Surely, you know...

If you already had this idea, if you have already matured it, if you plan to take the next step, this page interests you, this page can be for you an important added value, regardless of what you are going to sell.
Having an online store is having a storefront with reduced investment. There is now another important question: which store?

It has to be a technically advanced, functional, appealing store, a store that is a true reference.
Know an example of the solutions we offer: simple but complete, intuitive and operational. Here are some of the technical features of our online stores:

  • Responsive
  • Banner/Slider Home
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited sub-categories
  • Unlimited sub-sub-categories
  • Price/ABC ordination
  • Search
  • Promotions
  • Contact page
  • Shopping cart
  • Orders with user registration
  • 5 shipment methods
  • Client login
  • Order history
  • Address management
  • PayPal/HiPay/ATM reference and Payshop
  • Social media integration
  • Product sharing
  • Product printing
  • Newsletter
  • Unlimited gallery
  • Related products
  • Back Office

Among several optional modules we have the integrated billing.
With us you will get the most out of your idea.

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