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Logos and Branding

How many times have you met a company that looked trustworthy and professional, but whose logo does not convey any of that? Several times, right?

A logo is your visual identity, it's the face of your brand, it's the first impression that your customers (and potential customers) have of your values and your work. It is essential, therefore, that your Logo has a careful image and convey the essence of your company.

At Fidelizarte, we 're aware of the potential that a good logo has in communication and in the value of a company. Our projects are always designed for the different types of media a brand uses (whether on the web or printed). Our methodology involves:


We do a visual search of the business area of the brand and we identify the best graphic language for your company.


Essential for the project: we create the line of thought from which to build the entire design, and later, spread it to the rest of the brand's communication.


The most exciting part: we put "hands in the dough", ideas begin to take shape and are finalized so that no detail is left undone.


We tell you the rules so that the brand is always used correctly and without anything interfering with its readability.

Office stationary

We create the design for the different media and materials essential to your company's communication: business cards, envelopes, email signatures, etc..

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