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Web marketing

Fidelizarte's Web Marketing is the creation and implementation of a strategy that enables sending the right message to the right people. Market segmentation is an important concept in an online business. Web marketing is of utmost importance.

But what is Web Marketing? It's the optimization of the company's or organization's website in the various digital "worlds". Monitoring the virtual customers, making them interact with the site. Enhancing the online business.

The submission to search engine sites, thematic portals, Social Media MarketingBanner AdvertisingCost per Click campaigns or views, is extremely important for the success of a website.

Rather than put customers at the top, our web marketing service strives to keep them at the top, at the best cost.

Google Ads Cost-per-click campaigns

We will create and manage your Google Ads campaign..

Google Ads is a system designed to help you market your products or services on the Google search engine and its affiliated sites, through the use of a text ad presented as a "sponsored link" when people search for phrases related to to their offering. The system works as "pay per click", which means that your company can define where your ad appears by bidding a series of sentences, paying only its value when someone clicks on your ad as a result of research . Ie pay per click!
Studies show that 87% of web users do not go beyond the first search engine results page. In addition, the higher up your site appears in a search result page, the more visitors and potential customers will have.

Why use Google Ads?

It is now evident that there is a difference between the various types of site visitors, "traffic navigation" - visitors who may have found a site as a result of organic search engines - behave differently coming directly Google Ads. The reason for this is simple: traffic through organic results often boils down to a search for information, while traffic via pay per click indicates that when users click on an ad, it is because that ad refers to something that they need and want to buy, whether it is products or services. Thus, your company will not necessarily need millions of visitors through navigation, but rather specific and specialized visitors, directed through Google Ads.

Google Ads campaigns are one of the most effective forms of online advertising.

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Why should you use a company like Fidelizarte to handle your Social Media?

1 – It is important to have a specialist, Fidelizarte was one of the pioneer companies in this area. We were born in 1996, so we have 21 years of activity.

2 – Most companies do not have time to dedicate themselves to Social Media. Also, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have very specific characteristics. The same we can be said for Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube ...

3 – Many companies do not know how to measure the impact of Social Media on the company's business life. We can do it for you.

4 – Many companies do not know how to define a strategy. The lack of information and results reinforces the absence of strategy. We can do it for you.

5 – Many companies do not know how to react to a complaint. Fidelizarte will know how to react.

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