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Notas Contabilísticas

The APP provides the 28 NCRF, the NCRF-PE, the NCRF-ESNL, the 2 NI, the Conceptual Structure, NC for Microentities, the Financial Statement Models, the Code of Accounts, a SNC glossary, DL 158/2009 (2015) , DL 98/2015 (SNC 2015), DL 36-A/2011, Ordinance 220/2015, the possibility of searching, the possibility of printing, the possibility of sharing and, whenever the accounting regulations suffer changes, the APP will be updated. Notas Contabilísticas started its activity in 2022 and aims to disseminate, prepare, develop and commercialize quality applications in the areas of Accounting, Management and Corporate Finance. Its products are aimed at the general public, in particular Certified Accountants, Auditors, Managers and Students. All those who intend to learn, teach or use the Accounting Standardization System.
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